Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to the website, which is operated by Bionime USA, Inc. (“Bionime”) This policy does not apply to any other websites including but not limited to those which are linked to or may be accessed from or through this site.


Personally Identifiable Information consists of your name, address, email, fax, or phone number that you choose to submit to this site in the provided data entry locations for purposes such as product registration or product service.


We will use Personally Identifiable Information to contact you regarding your product or submission. We may also use Personally Identifiable Information to provide you with Bionime marketing communications, such as Bionime product information, updates, promotions or offers. Bionime will remove you from this category of Bionime communications if you make a request using the provided “opt out” selection box. Additionally, Personally Identifiable Information, as well as all other user information received at the website, may be used or disclosed by Bionime for any of its business purposes, as required by law, and/or may be disclosed to and used by Bionime’s affiliated companies, service providers and/or other companies that work with Bionime. Personally Identifiable Information will not be sold to third party companies known to be in the business of preparing and selling contact lists for marketing/solicitation purposes.


Bionime reserves the right to modify this privacy policy at any time. Users can determine if the policy has been updated by visiting the site. See the Terms and Conditions page for other important information about the use of