When nothing less than ‘knowing’ will do, trust a name

the world has turned to for over 110 years.

The GE Blood Glucose Monitoring System has the innovations that make managing diabetes simple, clean and most of all, accurate.


The advantages start with extra large, plastic reinforced test strips. The GE test strips have an easy-to-grip handle and are around 3x thicker than the leading competitors. The sturdier, thicker strips are less likely to bend, helping to prevent wasted test strips.


Plus, the GE test strips feature True Auto Coding technology. True Auto Coding gives you precise results while reducing inaccuracies due to coding errors. Unlike most other manually coded strips on the market that require you to enter codes, the GE strip automatically calibrates the correct strip code as soon as you insert it into the meter. No longer do you have to worry about incorrectly entering the correct code for your strips. The GE does it for you.


Most other test strips on the market use carbon electrodes to calculate your results. The GE test strips have patented gold electrode technology to help enhance long-term stability and increased precision. The GE test strip’s unique design creates a direct path to the reaction area which not only reduces the amount of blood needed, it also minimizes the chances for false results.


The GE meter is also specially designed to give you an easier overall testing experience. The palm-sized meter has big buttons and an extra large, easy-to-read LCD screen that displays your results clearly. You can even keep track of and archive up to 1000 results.


What really separates the GE meter from other meters you see on the market is the innovative top-load feature. No longer do you have to worry about feeding a paper thin test strip into a meter. The sturdy GE strips snap right into the top of the meter. Testing only occurs after you insert a strip to help reduce the unnecessary handling of blood which could compromise your results. After your test is complete, just simply use the handle to remove the strip.


With all these innovative advantages, getting a handle on your testing results is easy and accurate with the GE Blood Glucose Monitoring System.