Established in April 2003, with the goal of improving the lives of people with diabetes through better self-monitoring, BIONIME is focused on designing and manufacturing accurate medical testing equipment. The first product line started out with accurate blood glucose monitors that mimics state-of-the-art devices found at healthcare research facilities. To date, the product line has since developed into different Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose (SMBG) Systems.

On 17th of January 2012, General Electric (GE) ambitiously expands into the diabetes healthcare market with BIONIME, to provide diabetes monitoring solutions, by allowing BIONIME to use the GE monogram logo. On the same year, the very first GE branded model, the GE100 is launched.

Today, BIONIME operates in most major markets, such as Europe, Middle East, Africa, Americas, and Asia. Our products have been highly recognized by outstanding clinical tests and well-known journals internationally and successfully distributed worldwide.


At BIONIME, our R&D department is dedicated in pursing perfection, by providing better accuracy and quality products to improve human well-being. BIONIME has a rich healthcare experience and a team of experts from the medical science, chemistry, electronic and precision engineering field, enabling us to deliver quality products.

We incorporate the patented gold electrode technology to help enhance product stability and precision.



Being a part of this large global organization provides BIONIME with additional resources to continue innovating and selling our products internationally. BIONIME's vision is to provide same level of service across the globe with local expertise to make our products accessible for everyone.


BIONIME's mission is to create a better world with innovative diabetes management solutions.


We offer a top-tier blood glucose monitoring system with an advanced technology to allow our users to enjoy a “Rest Assured” lifestyle.


BIONIME's GE branded Blood Glucose Monitoring System (SMBG) is certified with full compliance to ISO 15197:2013 for every batch of our blood glucose meters & strips.

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