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GE Blood Glucose Strips

GE Strip

A True Breakthrough for Easy and Accurate Blood Glucose Testing

Innovative Technology, provide high precision and accuracy.
Incredible Experience, ease to hold and use.
Reliable Accuracy, consistent quality of each batch.


Patented exclusive barrel plating gold electrodes.


No wires design for better accuracy.


Side-insert strip for ease to use.


Combination of electrochemical and mechanical technic.


Auto-coding providing specific calibration to each batch.


Innovative Technology

Innovation is our value.
This groundbreaking test strip is an innovative adaptation of the gold standard
in clinical diagnostic and testing work. Embedded golden biosensors cause
stable point-to-point current conduction to provide high precision and accuracy of blood glucose reading.

*YSI®’s blood glucose analyzer with ±2% of accuracy deviation.


Incredible Experience

We always think more than your expectation!

During the development of Validus™ technology, the problems of elderly, blurred vision and professional medical staff were our priorities. From the material, structure to function of conventional strips are significant improved, to provide users better blood glucose testing experience.


Easy to Hold

The ridged handle is easier for people with insensitivity in their fingers to hold.For vision blurred persons can easily distinguish between front and back.


Ease of Use

The large, solid and side-insert stripis easier to insert into the meter.


Prevents Contamination


The side-insert test strip allows operator to avoid contact with the blood sample during handling.

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